Garfield Rush


About Garfield Rush

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Garfield Rush is a pretty fun endless runner game. Run fast, collect gold coins from the air, avoid obstacles: vehicles, other strange objects.
If you want to find a shortcut, it's simple, jump on top of the car, remember to be careful. In addition to gold coins, try to collect as many other various objects as scores, magnets, jet bags, booster packs, elastic shoes...

Garfield Rush is an online and completely free game selected by You can play Garfield Rush on Safari, Chrome, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android Windows Phone browsers.


- The variety of innovative gameplay
- 18 costumes
- There are many Neapolitan pizzas, hot dogs, lasagna, spaghetti, - burritos, fried chicken, and more!
- There are classic characters: Garfield, Odie or Nemo, etc,

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