1 votes 5/5 is the most exciting multiplayer io game today. Set in a school during break time, students and teachers engage in battle against each other.

If you play the role of an unruly schoolboy, ride your bike around the school, in the hallways, and in the classroom, crashing into everything you can to break it. Or throw a lot of toilet paper down the toilet to clog the pipe. Or burn all the teacher's books and materials.

Do whatever you like, but don't let the teacher see you or you'll end up in detention. Explore the surroundings and try to win. Each round will have 4 to 12 players, and the time is 5 minutes. is a perfect game for modern, mobile browsers, with no installation required.

How to play

Press and hold the left mouse button to use an object.

Press the E key to pick up an object.