Spin Wheel


About Spin Wheel

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Spin Wheel is a lucky wheel game, this game will help you to make the final decision. Let's create the lucky wheels and let's wait in suspense!

- Unlimited labels on wheels
- Random results
- Can play with your friends
- The game is completely free
- You can play in all browsers: iPhone, mobile, iPad, Samsung, ..

How to play Spin Wheel?
- Fill in the Shuffle
- Click to spin

For example, you have a certain amount of money, but you want to buy a lot of things: shoes, lipstick, clothes, bags, phones, .. It's hard to choose, fill in all the things you want to buy in the Shuffle box, then press the Spin the Wheels button. This game will help you decide.

Or if you have trouble playing the giving gifts, lottery, or choosing a random name, let Spin Wheels solve this problem for you!



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