Sticky Road


About Sticky Road

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Sticky Road is an extremely addictive physics-based obstacle course with over a billion plays online every day and is now available on your PC, mobile.  Now play as Old Man in Wheelchair or Black Girl in Private Transport, Father and Son on a bicycle, a gangster on a skateboard to reach the finish line quickly. 

Sticky Road has a gameplay similar to the famous game Happy Wheels, a game that gives you crazy, chaotic feelings accompanied by pain. Overcoming dangerous obstacles, if you touch the obstacles, maybe your body will be torn into a hundred pieces, or broken arms, broken legs, be as careful as possible.

- There are many unique and challenging levels
- Gory animations
- Many deadly obstacles: destruction balls, spikes, javelin, mines, etc.
- Realistic, smooth physics
- Addictive gameplay

How to play

Use the arrow to Move
Z key to Eject
Primary Action: SPACE
Secondary actions: Shift & Control

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